September 5th, 2007

springtime the pony

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fandom_wank discusses an amusingly photoshopped image of a giant isopod.

ayezur: OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. What kind of loving god would create such a creature? Where does it live? What does it eat? Does it, perhaps, feast on the flesh of the living?

phosfate: H.R. Geiger's rejected design for Mr Peanut.

eldritch: Buy his peanuts or he'll crawl into your bed in the middle of the night.

Context is not for those who dislike large creatures of the many-legged variety.
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Se made me aug, a leas

amything has some difficulty with her keyboard:

M keoad is oke. I spilled milk o i ad ow e majoi o m kes do o wok. opeull m dad will die me o e Mac soe o e i ixed.

I ou ae wodei ow I maaed o spill milk o m keoad, well. I was eai ceeal ad eadi i Scool Musical soies, ad I was i o e a paiculal delicious looki aisi ou o e owl. I ipped e owl oo a ad e es is iso.

I kow I am a idio ou do o eed o ell me.


Locked post; QWP.

"I confess it openly."

ogamiakira took the Nerd Test and failed:

"I blame my failure as a nerd on the classic three pitfalls: books, boobs, and dismembering my fellow man.

"It's too late for me now. But surely, out there somewhere in the wild hinterlands of the tubes which make up the internets, there must be a Yoohoo group to help those young people who still have a chance to attain the sublime nerdity which escaped my grasp."

Context has "never read or written FanFic about Darth Vader having sex with the lion-man thing from the 'Beauty and the Beast' series" either. (Public post, but QWP anyway.)
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On Cartoon Dinosaur Porn

ediblestars, in response to a post about Land Before Time erotic fiction:

Scene: A confessional. Candles flicker in the corners as a storm howls outside the cathedral. A dark figure huddles close to the screen, cloak pulled over his head. He whimpers with every breath.

CLOAKED MAN: H-hello, Father.
PRIEST: Hello, my son.
CLOAKED MAN: F-father, is--is it true that the L-Lord is merciful?
PRIEST: He is merciful beyond all human capacity, and wise beyond all human understanding. What troubles you?
CLOAKED MAN: F-f-forgive me, Father, f-for I have sinned...
PRIEST: All is forgiven, my son, Christ has--
CLOAKED MAN: No, F-father, my sin is too great, too... abhorrent...
PRIEST: Take comfort, my son.
CLOAKED MAN: (cries) You do not know--you cannot understand--
PRIEST: (murmurs a brief prayer) Please, my son... what troubles you?
CLOAKED MAN: I... I... (sobs uncontrollably) I wrote a story on the internet about some dinosaurs having sex!
PRIEST: Dinosaurs are a human fiction, my son. Say two Hail Marys and leave with my blessing. Goodnight.
CLOAKED MAN: (whimper)

Context is not for creationists