September 4th, 2007


Pain is beauty, etc.

rowan_elizabeth is sick, poor dear, and has this to say about it:

I seem to have magically lost 3 lbs. today without having left my bed. I think the gods are smiting me for telling someone last week that the perfect weight loss plan is malaria.

Context does, in fact, believe in karma (thankyouverymuch), and is also f-locked and qwp.

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The insanity continues with ems' father vs. the Liquorice Allsorts:

An update on the Liquorice Allsorts situation! My father has decided - whether through research or sheer conjecture based on the fact that the ingredients are in several languages - that his box of Liquorice Allsorts are the European kind, and that's why they taste funny. I suppose that is true of something like Coca Cola Lite, which tastes different to Diet Coke, but I have my suspicions that my dad's raging xenophobia has perhaps played its part in him reaching this conclusion. Anyway, he hasn't called the helpline yet as he spent most of the day trying to decide whether or not he should phone Woolworths head office. Yes, he's taking this to the TOP, people. Because what if these are CHEAP, KNOCK OFF ALLSORTS? What if it is ILLEGAL TO SELL THEM IN THIS COUNTRY? What if it's like how TURKISH TAKEAWAYS always have FAKE DIET COKE and it's ILLEGAL? What if, by HAVING THEM IN THIS VERY HOUSE, he is, in fact, BREAKING THE LAW? Answer me that, good people, because he is very concerned. And then of course comes another worry; of COURSE Woolworths head office aren't going to admit to any wrong doing on their behalf! Maybe he needs to take this higher! To some kind of confectionery regulatory board! It is all very concerning for a man with no job and waaaaaay too much time on his hands. What is an Allsorts fan to do, people? What is he to do?!

Find out in tomorrow's installment of The Mystery of the Fake Liquorice Allsorts. I can't promise, but I suspect there will be even more ridiculous paranoia. And possibly some kind of sugar induced breakdown*.

* He is, of course, still eating said Allsorts, regardless of the fact that they're too sweet and make him feel sick. Apparently this is for scientific reasons, though - I mean, what if he just had funny tastebuds yesterday? Although he definitely didn't, they are DEFINITELY different, but perhaps it's best just to check. Just in case. You know, for science.

Locked and QWP and all that sort of nonsense.
gothic wondering

sionnain's bunny interrupts a cozy night (the last line makes the quote)...

Sionn and Eric: *spend quality time together--which means drinking rum beverages and watching MST3K's Pod People*

Stella Bunny: *hops around enthusiastically*

Movie: *is playing*

Sionn and Eric: *recite along with movie, laughing and being adorable*

Bunny: *hops behind TV armoire, somehow*

Movie: *stops*

DVD Cord: (*is chomped*)

Eric: *makes creative threats*

Stella Bunny: "....what?"

Flash forward to now:

Eric: *attempts to splice cord and fix it for movie to resume*

Sionn: *updates LJ*

Bunny: *lies on side next to couch, as if nothing has happened*

Yup. Pretty normal evening.

Anyone need a bunny? I hear they make nice mittens, and it'll be winter soon :P

ETA: Eric, on floor fixing cord, looking over at Stella: "Guess what? You're adopted."


Context is in ur electronics, stealin' ur moveee powerz. (QWP, flocked)
Stephen Colbert and Kim Jong Il!

Over on stupid_free, cheezdanish takes a daring move

"To hit the big ones first: No. This is NOT a small stupid. Yes, this is my first post, but I don't LIKE it gentle. And if I fail, I'm going down in a Blaze of Glory. Up to and including singing the song of the same title with amusing dancing "Party Hard" .gifs surrounding my corpse. Fuck LOLcats."

Context may fail, but if it does, it will fail with dignity. QWP, public post