August 30th, 2007

Gay monkeys

On ridiculous self-censoring and fowl language

Okay so I can accept that in certain situations you may have to censor yourself. I would prefer that you change your words, but I can also accept that sometimes you may want to go the whole star out the vowels route or star out the entire word route. I used to do that too before I became more comfortable with saying curses and got exposed to internet porn.I can accept that cock may be a bad word. However, it took me several minutes to get what you meant author when you wrote Pea-*****. Please, if it is a species name I assure you it is perfectly okay to write peacocks.

i_llbedammned, the moderator that had to painstakingly add all the "cocks" to your peacocks and giggled.

Context is fanficrants. QWP Entire Post.

Of wombats and clairvoyance...

My first metaquote, and I've got two, two, {click} two posts in one!

First, over in ursulav's journal, d_84 Zorks her quest for sleeping accomodations at Ikea:

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all Swedish.
You are carrying:
a big yellow bag
a golf pencil
a flimsy paper measuring tape
There is a sofa here.
You can't sit there!
> N
You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all Swedish.
There is a bed here.
It is a black brass bed, with many useful places for attaching handcuffs.
> N
You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all Swedish.
There is a bed here.
It is round, with room for three people, two sheep, and a wombat.

Context is searching for accessories.

Second, over in customers_suck, ofstarstuff gets her priorities straight:

Sorry, no, no clairvoyant abilities yet. They're way down in the priority list. First I want to be able to set clients on fire just by clicking my tongue.

Context has a primary target.
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two hearts

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Over in fanficrants, an interesting typo leads to an even more interesting offer:

He was one of the greatest Aurors of our day... before he fell. But now, you too can remember the great Alastor Moody, in this finely crafted Alabaster Moody statue set.

Each one is expertly sculpted and painted by the finest artisans in the wizarding world, and each one is enchanted to reflect one of his mannerisms: be it his ever watchful eye, or his shouting of "constant vigilance!"

Act now, and you get this exclusive "trapped in a trunk for a year" figurine!

Context is going to call in the next ten minutes for the special discount.
agent may is unimpressed

It never rains in Central California...until it actually did!

The horses at the farm on the corner were happily swishing their tails and eating their morning feed and hanging out in their damp fielding thinking happy horse thoughts about how cool it was and how there weren't too many flies just yet and probably plotting where to roll as soon as they were done eating.

And the trees are so green and excited looking. They're all:

"Wooo! I'm totally wet! Are you wet?"
"I am! This is awesome! I can't remember the last time I was wet! How about you!"
"Yes! Yes, I am wet as well! Check me out! This is the roxx0rz!"
"... ... The... the what?"
"I mean... it's top drawer! Being wet! WOOOO!"
"Indeed WOOO! We are ALL wet and glisteny! With RAIN! WOOOOO again!"

--dandesun really digs this "water from the sky" stuff.
The Damned

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robes_of_earth has this to say about a Christian rock/metal band, known for their anti-abortion views:

I found it interesting that a band called 'Destroy the Vile' would say 'Our goal is to make the world aware of the truth; not by condemning them for for their ignorance, but by loving them and showing them there is a better way.'

Do they destroy the vile with hugs and therapy?

Context is perhaps banging its head with a bible?
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