August 29th, 2007

Madrid-Palacio de Cristal
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At fanficrants diysheep thinks of more ways to use the word ROFLCOPTER:

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am proud to unveil the new Mark III ROFLCOPTER. This will enaid us to be faster, more accurate and use pin point precision strikes to take out the enemy. With the aid of this fine piece of technology we will prevail and bring peace.

[Dead Silence]

Ah, excuse me Mr Bush. That's actually a hellicopter.

Context is on its lollerskates drinking lmaonade.
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The relative drawbacks of living in a condo

zachorly on his interesting and curious neighbours.

"Above her is our resident rapper. He likes to go out onto his balcony and recite terrible angst-ridden prose. Anything ending in "uck" inevitably winds up rhyming with the f-bomb. Apparently he has an ex-girlfriend that didn't consider their relationship exclusive. He's not taking it well."

Context is a nice house with double-glazing.