August 28th, 2007

Popular Culture and Racism

In the midst of race wank dealing with black people and the "don't snitch policy" cumaeansibyl writes:

LOL, like the Mafia didn't have its own "don't snitch" culture FIRMLY in place. Have these people not seen The Godfather? Or The Sopranos?

Wait, angry Italians, you mean that a hugely popular mass-media production isn't an accurate representation of your culture? You mean those productions only represent a tiny criminal minority, and don't get everything right about that either?


QWP. Locked post.
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puddlesofun knows how the publishing industry works.

With preternatural reflexes honed by a lifetime of writing the phrase “preternatural reflexes”, the writer of non-stop action coaster novels somersaulted through the office window in a spectacular shower of glass, avoiding the enraged executive’s blast by mere millimetres, to find himself hanging 18 storeys above the city streets on parade day, suspended only by the curtain he had preternaturally grabbed hold of on his way out.

“Come back here, you pixel stained technopeasant wench!” roared the high-up and powerful publishing executive, flecks of spittle forming at the corners of his mouth.

Context is a bestseller. QWP.