August 26th, 2007

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As I get older, and travel more and more across this great country of ours, I find myself returning to one thought more and more. From sea to shining sea, across amber waves of whatnot, the same fact resurfaces again and again.

Texas fucking sucks.

ursulav talks about TEXAS.
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from shortpacked
the world is getting a Manga Bible. Jesus has never looked so bishonen. Sure, that incest rape was actually in the source material, and Leviticus is already as boring and tedious as Dragon Ball Z, but watch out for those tentacles, Judas. They're new. Oof.
context is mainly about G.I. Joe.
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aivilo_18 has a colorful adventure.

I fell down the steps in front of my grandmother's house yesterday, used every possible swear word known to man, and then promptly burst into tears because *FUCK*, that shit fucking *HURT*... Question for the flist: Would it be weird if I brought a picture of said ass-bruise to a local Rona/Canadian Tire/Random-Paint-Selling-Store and attempted to match it up with a pre-existing paint swatch? Because it really is a gorgeous shade of purple and I think maybe I might want to paint my room that colour, which is funny because I've never been a huge fan of purple. But this bruise on my ass is a pretty awesome colour after you get past the bitterness I feel over not being able to sit without wincing in pain.

OP here, though that's pretty much the whole post.