August 24th, 2007


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arjei apparently doesn't think paymyloans is a "real man of genius"

customers_suck presents: Real World Wide Web heroes.

Real World Wide Web heroes!

Today, we salute you, Mr. Internet troll.

Mr. Internet troll!

You come around posting inane things, things that don't really matter to you. The only reason you do it fill up feeds and lists with no regards to anyone else. And get a rise out of everyone you can.

I don't want to read this crap!

And let's not forget the other things you do. Like sockpuppetry. And forum jacking. And picture flooding.


Maybe you'll have something relevant to say one day. But not today. Most likely not tomorrow either. But we'll never know, for the mods are coming.

Where's the ban stick?

So prepare for cat macros Mr Internet Troll. For without you, we might get something done here. Other than making fun of you.

Mr. can't you shut the holy fucking shit it Caturday Internet troll!?!

context would probably appreciate a beer. or a dollar.
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Tiny dancing

(BTW- I'll be gone from tomorrow afternoon 'til the 4th. Ireland ahoy!)

mercurystar: Is anyone else really depressed at the prospect of a TV show based on an ad campaign?

Oh well, it could be worse. It could be based on the fucking gecko.

poinsley: If they had done Tiny House instead of the cavemen, maybe I would have watched it.

jananaphone: omg, I would tape every episode. and watch it over and over again until the next episode. I WOULD NEVER WATCH ANYTHING ELSE.

Context has been waiting to use that icon.
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In the middle of what is otherwise a well-reasoned political commentary, bradhicks includes this hypothetical conversation:
Editor: I can't use your story about the I-35W bridge collapse. It's full of unsourced statements. The whole first paragraph is unsourced.

Reporter: Beg pardon? "At 6:05 pm, during rush hour traffic, the I-35W bridge across the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis collapsed."

Editor: Who says it collapsed?

Reporter: Everybody!

Editor: You didn't cite anybody.

Reporter: I was there! I saw it with my own eyes!

Editor: You're the source? I can't use this whole article, now.

Context is unsourced but worth a read, and includes even more of the amusing conversation.
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bluelysium talks about promise rings:

I don't understand why someone would want to have someone promise to become engaged to them; how is one to propose this?

"Girl, I offer this ringpop to you as a promise that I promise to promise you holy matrimony cuz we in love!"

Context discusses her favorite flavors.
Nothing Wrong With Cackling In Moderatio

colubra says:

So last night, as I drove home, I listened to the news radio program talking about things. This is because they do traffic every 10 minutes.

'In just a moment we'll go to Kate Scott for traffic but first, here's a few upcoming headlines, blah blah blah blah scientists describe it as an empty void several thousand light-years across... Lindsey Lohan in a press conference today said blah blah blah'

I only really heard the bolded part.

I nearly swerved into the next lane, I was laughing so hard.