August 20th, 2007

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Context: buddleiahas new silicone cupcakes cases! Her boyfriend is disappointed byt he reality (QWP)

Those little silicone cupcake cases are great, I got 'em off EBay. I rang </a></b></a>i_kender and informed him that my new silicone toys had arrived. I think he's a bit disappointed.

*drunkenly* "My new silicone things arrived!"
*tone of great excitement* "Huh? What silicone things?"
"My cupcake cases!"
Oh, the let down.
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Fearless in the face of danger!

liberalinthesun strikes fear into the heart of cockroaches everywhere!

I am as powerful as the Giant Squid. I am as brave as Frodo. I am as fierce as Black Mamba for I have defeated the most frightening enemy of womankind: the cockroach.

Gather ye round and I will tell you the tale of a brave, yet naked lass who overcame this most fearful of beasts. Her hair was the color of a round and shiny oak table--the kind knights sit around with a king they call Arthur--, her eyes were as blue as the non-existent sapphires in Excalibur, and she was cleaner than everyone during the Dark Ages was dirty. As our heroine stepped out of the shower and approached the bathroom sink she felt a peculiar feeling on her right ankle. At first she thought that this was perhaps a mere towel tickling her as she brushed by it, but when the tickling did not desist she looked down to find a huge black beetle clawing its way up her leg. Although the situation looked bleak she thought quickly. If she could not save herself at least she could save the rest of the household. Without a second thought she shook her leg violently and the demon flew from it landing on the bathroom floor on its back. The creature's legs wriggled in the air as the girl proceeded with her next step of action; before the creature had a chance to retaliate the girl heavily dropped a shoe atop it and ended its miserable existence. She stepped on the shoe a couple of times to make sure the beast had truly been slain, and then, of course, cleaned up the mess.

Although there are none yet, in the future there will definitely be ballads about this.

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They meet in their secret HQ beneath the Library of Congress

Somewhere, I like to think that Tom Lehrer, Thomas Pynchon, Steve Ditko, Bill Watterson, J.D. Salinger, and Harper Lee all get together on a regular basis to form the Reclusive Geniuses Club. They meet over coffee, and talk about all the great ideas they have that they just don't want to bother to give to the public any more, and do great things in secret.

Then, on very specific nights, they fight crime.

That's the whole context folks.

Coffee, not LIES

cavaticat works in an independent coffee shop and may have a little rage...

I got so sick of people asking me for "macchiatos" and knowing they wanted the fake shit you get at Starbucks that eventually I quit asking which one people wanted and started giving them the actual thing. Nothing like a chance to passive-aggressively make pseudo-snobs feel like total retards: "But ma'am, that's what you asked for. -- Oooohh, you wanted a STARBUCKS macchiato." Well, fuckhead, STARBUCKS is three blocks down and to the left. If you wanted STARBUCKS, you should have gone THERE. HERE, we serve coffee, not lies.

- cavaticat, over in english_majors

Context will take that with an extra shot.