August 18th, 2007

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I think I also have a new pet named Your Ego, because I've been feeding Your Ego and petting Your Ego and taking Your Ego for a walk today. Wherein "Your" equals "Not Mine."

I find, much to my credit or discredit, that I become substantially nicer when I start the day scratching behind Your Ego's ears. Actually, I started the day at quarter to six, when Harvey's high-pitched "WOO"ing reached a decibel I can't sleep through... but one pet is as needy as another. As I type, I'm working out the schematics for an "Adopt an Ego" shelter. Where bruised egos can find a nice, loving family to hug them and squeeze them and mortify them in tolerable ways. Like making them wear wee shirts that say "Bruiser" and "Champ."

--ernestinewalker in this post.

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I want to thank everyone who IMed me to let me know about the disgusting pictures on metaquotes there was, in total, nearly 40 posts with about 20 pictures each of some pretty sick crap. Since I can't mass delete posts, I had to go in and delete these all individually. So sorry for the wait. All the other mods seem to be off relaxing and I was the only one on at the time, so it took a while. But, it's all been deleted, and the person banned. You can now all go back to reading your regular metaquotes, and I can go back to my book.

And if you are into train wrecks, there are still pictures up on parenting101.

But seriously, don't look.
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Testes vs. Telephony.

devildoll queries the lack of testicular fortitude in the face of telephony:

"So the question I want to ask any men reading this journal is this. You know when you call a company and you get the automated operator thing, where you have to press 1 for this and 2 for that?* Does interacting with that kind of system cause you unbearable testicular pain?

Because that's the only reason I can come up with for why so many goddamn men are complete babies about listening to a simple freakin' menu and pushing a couple of harmless buttons on your telephone. Not only does my male boss turn into a toddler in the throes of a teething tantrum when faced with such a hardship, but I've had several male clients call me and whine that they tried to do what I told them but when they called the number there was a recording and they had to listen to options and then push a button, so could I please call and do it for them?

And since doing such a thing causes me no damage or discomfort, I can only assume it's a ball sack problem.

Honest to fucking god, WHY do we let them run the world, again? WHY?"

Context wants those with XY chromosomes to man up right here. QWP.