August 15th, 2007

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shawk goes to Old Navy AND IT'S ALL DIFFERENT!!!

See, Old Navy used to have jeans in the following styles: At Waist (Mom Jeans), Just Below Waist (For the Adventurous Mom), Low Rise (Yay!), and Ultra Low Rise (Please Put the Pubic Bone Away). I understood this system. So I walked confidently to the jeans section, knowing what I needed, or so I thought. But what confronted me was: "The Diva," "The Flirt" and "The Sweetheart." What did this even mean?!

- "The Diva." Are my pants going to start singing with Peter Lockyer, Hugh Panaro, etc. and have to cancel their Rome concert when people really don't want to pay $1600 to see them?

- "The Flirt." I suppose this means my pants will be talking to boys without me, because I'm really bad at flirting.

- "The Sweetheart." My pants are nicer than I am?