August 13th, 2007

Foxy Pride
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Of Rivers in Egypt

darklingthrush did some art for a magazine whose editor went from activist to ex-gay fundie:

As a gay man, I have a whole variety of reactions to the whole scenario, but I have to say that my first reaction is "Hey, you said you'd hire me for a series of 5 covers... Thanks for spoiling a perfectly good art gig."

Hehe, my second reaction was "Wait, you typed the words 'Homosexuality is death...and I choose life!' on a prominent work computer screen, then stormed out in a huff... And you're telling us you're not a queen? Honey, please."

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ursulav had her car checked out before her move across country. Thus began the wait for The Call:

The phone rang while I was out walking. I did the yank-out-the-ipod dance, got the cords wrapped around my wrist, dove after the phone, pried it out of my hip pocket, (why, oh why, was it under the ipod?) got the cords tangled around the other wrist, discovered that I now resembled an ad for iBondage, and somehow managed to flip the phone open with my teeth.

Context is iMobile.

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fondued_jicama weighs in on the "Harry Potter supports witchcraft!" issue.

I'll tell you something, as a person who has known people who are Wiccan: Witchcraft is their religion.*

In Harry Potter, the magic isn't what they believe in. In fact, religion is never really addressed- churches are mentioned, but only in passing and only to point out that they are there. For all we know, Seamus Finnigan goes home and attends Mass over Christmas.

Harry Potter isn't Witchcraft, for the simple and straightforward reason that it's their jobs. It's what they do for a living. It isn't a religion.

(Dentists clean teeth for a living. Do they worship teeth- or, more likely- the shiny goodness of their cleaning utensils?)

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on visits to the twat doc...

kittikattie summarizes a typical gyno visit:

Get told to put on the paper dress and the paper sheet. Do so. Feel very naked and open. Start reciting "My Angry Vagina" from Vagina Monologues. Complain that the last place just had me take off draws and bra and get pokes that way. Sit around for about 10 minutes. Wonder if this is psychological manipulation to show if I really want to be poked in the cooterbits. Stare at diagram of female reproductive system. Decide labia are boring. stare at artwork. Lament lame artwork.

Doctor comes in. Pat neck pat chest AHHH COLD stethoscope GODDAMN breath in breathe out wheeze wheeze listen to heartbeat pokey pokey Brain boobie pokey pokey Pinky boobie feel the tips feel the tips scoot your ass down to the end of the table and put your feet in the stirrups poke poke prod prod you'll feel some pressure DUCK LIPS JAM IN crank crank crank it's breezy some pressure and a bit of a cramp SCRAPE MY CERVIX another small cramp POKE MAI CERVIX uncrank uncrank and now there's always time for lubricant and WHAO THE FINGERS I HATE THE FINGERS poke the belly poke the bits feel feel yay okay you can get dressed now want some BC? Have some BC it's very good that take this to the counter fun.

Well, that took longer to wait for than to get done.

Get anti-baby asspatches. Leave. Hate exams. HAAAAATE.

QWP, Be nice to context by warming the speculum first, k?
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fidgety participates in the best of all experiments:

Late Saturday night, N turned to me suddenly and said something along the lines of "Uhm. I like science. And in science, they like to classify things into kingdoms and phylums and things like that. Being such a big fan of science, I like to classify things, too. So...would you like to be my girlfriend? You know, for science?" I laughed for a while and figured I couldn't say no to that, so I didn't.

Context wears its heart on its labcoat sleeve. (flocked, QWP)
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