August 12th, 2007

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While celebrating her mum's birthday, fleurdebelle had an amusing battle of wits with a member of the restaurant waitstaff:

My dad is talking to the waiter, trying to decide whether he wants to order half a chicken or a whole chicken. This conversation ensues:

Dad: I think I'll have half the chicken.
Waiter: Okay, do you want white meat or dark?
Dad: Both.
Waiter: So you want the whole chicken?
Dad: No, just half of one.
Waiter: Well, half a chicken comes with either a breast and a wing or a thigh and a leg.
Dad: I want a breast and a wing and a thigh and a leg.
Waiter: You want the whole chicken then.
Dad: No, just half of one--one breast, one wing, one thigh, and one leg.
Waiter: That's a whole chicken, sir.
Dad: No, a chicken has two breasts, two wings, two thighs, and two legs.
Waiter: *looks confused* Um, I don't think it does...
Dad: Have you ever even seen a chicken?
Waiter: *mumbles something about having to check with his manager, and runs off*

A couple minutes later...

Waiter: I checked with my manager, and you were right.
Dad: *amused* Yeah, I thought so.
Waiter: I'm sorry, it's just...when I think of a chicken, all I see is breasts.