August 11th, 2007

maladaptive gives her acne a stern talking-to

Dear Mr. Whitecap,
Is this in reference to chocolate I had last night? I went out to a special dinner, is that a breach of the No Cocoa Treaty? Well. And for the Dove bars I've been eating. Well, to be entirely honest, couldn't you be attracted to something else? I like chocolate, and I don't feel it's my duty to give it up because you can't resist it.
- Sam

Dear Sam,
No. Who doesn't love chocolate?
Sincerely, Terence Whitecap, III
Pimple Liberation Coalition

Context is much longer and worth reading.
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Over at good ol' fanficrants, __fantine wants to discuss forts:

Fortresses, secret bases, whatever you want to call them, are built for several purposes, the most notable being to protect. To keep things out, in other words. Said forts might have certain defenses, such as battalions upon battalions of well-trained supersoldiers, guard dogs, guard cats, guard horses, guard rabbits, guard dogs with bees in their mouths, moats, moat piranhas, moat dragons, moat Nessies, moat crocodiles, moat goldfish, moat sharks with lasers on their heads, motion sensors, sound sensors, heat sensors, stench sensors, security cameras, automatic weapons, all to keep out riffraff that the villain in said fort and/or secret base doesn't want to encounter. Such as the hero, heroine, good guy, good girl, sidekicks, the current and soon-to-be-overthrown president of the free world, rival scientists, rival evil overlords, Sephiroth, Chuck Norris, the military, the FBI, CIA, IRS, IRA, MIB, NBA, and, of course - Daleks.

Context will be in their Fortress of Solitude if you need them.