August 10th, 2007

peridotgem on shitty sopranos, who aren't soprano at all, and, er... "sheep vibrato"

And then there are girls with the most horrendous singing voices that are breathy as hell and have big old breaks in their voices, but as long as they sing soprano in choir they frolic around going "I'm a soprano! I'm a soprano!"
And fizzy_pepsi [on Emmy of POTO fame]: "Though the girl needs to open her mouth and enunciate, and get rid of that sheep-vibrato."

Originals found here-


(Watch the video above fizzy_pepsi's comment first).
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Cranky cat is cranky

soberloki's blender cat makes funny sounds:

"Of course, some day I'll have the presence of mind to record the noise Gord makes when he does these things, but for now you'll just have to take my word that he sounds like a blender might if it had a setting for Pissed Off At Carrots, or possibly Scrap Tin Smoothies."

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lizbee's adventures in retail continue:

Three teenage girls came into the store, dressed in near-identical outfits: neon-coloured leggings, ballet flats and oversized t-shirts with ENORMOUS MESSAGES printed on them. One shirt said, MAKE MUSIC NOT MISSILES. Another said, YOU DON'T MEAN NOTHING TO ME. And one said, simply, GIRLS ON FILM.

The GIRLS ON FILM girl bought a relationships book. As I was serving her I said, "Thanks to your shirt, I'm going to have that song in my head all day."

She blinked and said, "There's a song?"

I exhaled very slowly, reminded myself that I, too, was a n00b once, and said, "Yup! It's about porn stars. The video clip was censored when it first came out. That was the eighties, though. Now it just looks tacky."

"Wow," she said thoughtfully. "I didn't know they had porn then!"

As she and her friends left, my co-worker said to me, "Why are you crying?"

"I'm laughing," I said. But I don't think he believed me.

Context quoted in full.

mizdarkgirl has an adventure in the city...

I wicked overslept this morning and ran out without a lunch.
So there I was walking home from Mexican food when my coworkers and I saw dancing Asian girls.
A whole line of them...
Singing, dancing, jumping!
So of course we must stop.
Because how often do you see a group of bouncy Asian girls?
And they are handing out Anime pamplets
And we look
And we listen

"The Gate Of Heavan" will lead you to Jesus!
Jesus will Save you!


QWP from a locked post here (this is the entire thing though)
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Shizu-chan and Celty-san
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wheezambu talks about her work day:

In other news... it was an interesting day at work. At approximately 7:45 this morning, a deer decided to make an abortive suicide attempt at my place of employment. *ahem* Okay, the place where I work is actually situated on a golf course. A very expensive golf course, mind you. And they kind of go for the "natural" look so they've left a lot of the natural surroundings alone. So there's wooded areas and fields all around.

Said deer, obviously mistaking the campus for the pro shop, charged across the front courtyard and attacked Building Two. This resulted in mild hysteria and heartfelt dramatics on the other side of the windows. Indeed, moments later building services was dispatched to "see" about the problem. The security guards had already determined it was none of their affair as said deer was neither a terrorist, nor a disgruntled former employee. In either case, the deer did not have an entry badge so security deemed it wise if they stayed inside for safety reasons.

Yep. Nobody wanted to be a hero. Better a live coward, I say...

In any case, the suicidal deer, no doubt distraught over his golf average or his insurance premium, eluded capture by concerned maintenance personnel. However, they were unable to take the deer into custody. Sadly, the deer threw itself over a landscaping wall and fell some twenty feet to the outdoor patio just below. A temp worker was having a smoke outside and was nearly hit by the gravity-challenged wildlife.

While no reports were made of the deer's condition, it was taken away by animal control officers, still alive although quite stunned. This information was greeted with much relief by employees, who had feared that if animal control didn't get there first, the cafeteria might have served venison burgers.

Context is in the mood for tee time. QWP from an F-locked post.