August 6th, 2007

Srsly, Wodehose was and IS not emo....

Over at indeedsir, innocentsmith and averysmallthing discuss the rather questionable natures of this and another book's cover (from which the internets are hiding):

averysmallthing: Apparently I missed the part of the book where Sally, overwhelmed by emo, dons kohl, body glitter, and bubble-gum lipgloss and hits the LA club scene.

All I could do when I saw that a few days ago was that thing my cat does when she's confused: turn my head 90 degrees to the side with a "wtf?" expression on my face. Who thought that was a good idea? I work at a bookstore, and I know where books like that are getting marketed: TEEN.

What 14-year-old girl wants to read Wodehouse? Srsly.
innocentsmith: Well, I did. But mostly because they weren't marketed that way. ^_^

Still not as horrific as that one Saki short story collection whose cover was a stuffed deer head on a hot pink background. I wish I could find a link online, but the internet seems to be doing a better job of forgetting about it than I have.

Context is obliged to say WTF at the emo-ization of Jeeves and Wooster. QWP and because it's too funny to pass up, the comment that sparked the above quote.
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