August 2nd, 2007

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Short and sweet philosophy

In an f-locked entry in my journal, klausboy imparts some of his trademark offbeat wisdom.

Me: [Depressing whining. Note that I will be seeing klausboy that evening. I am feeling very depressing and un-fun.] I hope that I can be fun for him.
klausboy: I ain't ever looking for people to be fun for me. Sometimes (usually) fun times happen, but there's a share of the other sort as well. Salt is an ingredient in cakes.

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Nannies In Disguise


I now want to see 'One Of Our Transformers Is Missing', whereby the evil hordes of Decepticons are defeated by Jo Frost leading a platoon of crack British nannies (with Vin Diesel playing the American nanny...) winning the war with good old fashioned common sense and starch.

The advertising poster will have Megatron sitting looking crestfallen on the naughty bench. With the tag line of "Asserloutly the greatest film you will ever watch!"

Context liked the movie BECAUSE it was dumb rather than in spite of it

What if the Democratics wrote fanfic...

I swear the conversation started out as a reasonably serious discussion of politics, but somewhere along the way, we digressed a wee bit.... (in comment)

</em></a></b></a>beccatoria : ...somehow all of this has become confused in my head and now President Roslin and Barack Obama are engaged in Harry Potter shipping wars via LiveJournal. Oprah is trying to referee, but Roslin's totally throwing a fit because apparently she's a biased mod. I think Roslin's going on about the subtext of practicality in the Ron/Hermione 'ship while Obama's all about the audacity of hope in the Harry/Hermione 'ship. OH GOD I've thought about this too much.


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But on a farm, you cannot hear the jaquails singing...

coffeejunkie relates an exchange she had with her boss:

So the owner comes into my office just now and asks if I think that the new shipment of bailing twine stinks. I tell him that I don't mind the smell at all, and that it reminds me of when I was a child, spending my summers at the beach (the twine is coated in creosote, just like the pier and the railroad tracks I had to cross to get to the beach).

The owner nodds his head slowly and says,"Hmm. . .I guess I had better smells when I was a child."

"Like what?" I ask him.

"Well I grew up on a farm," he replied and walked away.

Context knows how to give you the whole raspberry. Not friendslocked, but QWP.