August 1st, 2007

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On a post about an article hotlinked with the text "Scientist collects data revealing 237 reasons why people have sex; research still ongoing", peregrin8 comments:

I'm not reading the article. But I love the title, at least the title in your hotlink. I can't decide whether it sounds more like an Onion article or a Jorge Luis Borges story.

Reason 235: Ostrich feathers.
Reason 236: Sudden wave of terrible sadness over the fate of the Mayan civilization.

Context is mourning the Maya here.

Fun with coworkers!

rhapsody_98 has an interesting coworker:

One of the girls I work with, let's change the name to protect the.. er.. well, you'll see. Let's call her "Maybelle" got engaged to her boyfriend on last Monday. He texted her at 7:00 (about two hours before we got off for our weekend) "Will you marry me?" She texted back yes. Then he texted "We'll go shopping tomorrow for a ring."

Thursday we call came back to work and she had no ring. Instead, she showed us the receipt for what he had bought. $1,200 for rims. We all looked at her, blankly. Finally, one of the girls said "You have Engagement rims?"

"Yeah!" she said, excitedly.

There was another moment of stunned silence, then I said, without thinking "Jeff Foxworthy really needs to hear about this."

Maybelle, apparently also without thinking, said, "Oh, you can email him at"

context might be a redneck if...
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Better than Sunscreen!

seferin offers advice on his LJ graduation anniversary:

My blog was begun four years ago today.  Were this a school, I would either be a graduate or about to be buried in student loans.  To that end, I offer the following advice to those who come after me...

Ladies and gentlemen starting a blog in 2007:

Use spell-check.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, spell check would be it. The long-term benefits of spell-check have been proven by editors, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now.

Context is better than SPF 5000.

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ernestinewalker is having kidney issues...

At this point, I gave up. I was ready to hear my diagnonsense. I didn't care about reading sheets or looking at my tapes. I just wanted to know what the fuck is wrong with me. I didn't care if Whoopi Goldberg came in and told me I was a spoiled little girl. I didn't care if and Elvis impersonator came in and sweated my diagnosis all over me. In fact, I had a vision in which my archnemesis Celine Dion came into the room, dressed as a kidney with a small white styrofoam ball dangling in front of her. Demonstratively, she sang (to the tune of "Power of Love"):
'Cos I'm your kidney
And this is your stone
Whenever you go to pee
You're gonna scream, wail and moan!

Context's pain is amusing.
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