July 31st, 2007

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donwaughesq has a request for our candles in the wind....

[choice cuts from this public post, which has a lot more words of wisdom.]

I mean, the current generation is in serious danger of losing their bastions of public humiliation. Gone will be their J Danford Quayle. Gone will be their Amy Fisher. Gone will be their Crispin Glover, being thrown off the Letterman show after nearly hitting Dave with a karate kick.
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Ladies, I don't know what to tell you, except to slow down. Take a cue from the Olsens, will you? They pace themselves, so you don't see them in the tabloid every week. How are we going to remember the excesses of the Zeroes unless you work with us here?
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Potty Humor!

From the wonderful mind of </a></a>armbanduhr

Dear Cosmos,
     A power drill boring into a concrete platform about eighteen inches below your feet at high rpm's sounds exactly like a constipated elephant farting! Having been within ten feet of an elephant who was getting un-stopped-up by a woman in a full body rain coat, I can tell you there are some sounds you never forget. The only real difference is that the power drill farts for much longer then the poor elephant.

     And that, friends, is the mental image that should tell you why I never went into Zoology, despite having worked at a Zoo for four years.

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Does this metaquote make my butt look big?

As usual, cadhla balances the funny and the profound, this time in a post about women's clothing sizes.

"Vanity sizing also gives us the bane of all sane women: size 0. Um, what? Size what? Do you have mass? Do you have volume? Do you have more than one dimension? Then yes, your pants have a size. And we're not even talking about 'size 00', the size that claims black holes are sexy. How are you doing anyone a favor by wishing them into size 0 pants? And how are you doing my seven year old niece a favor by showing her skeletons in Calvin Klein, telling her that real, attractive, desireable women wear pants that can double as event horizons? Cut. It. Out."

context likes candy corn. The entire post and the comments are pretty much made of win as well.
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shaenon on her trip to San Diego Comic-Con:

As Andrew and I walked to the convention center on the first day, we were passed by trucks toting mobile 300 billboards. "Next year," I said, "I'm going to get enough money to hire one of those things, and I'm going to drive it past the convention center with a giant image of Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds, just to make everyone flee in terror."

"Yeah?" said Andrew. "Well, I'm going to get less money, and I'm going to hire the actor who played Ogre to stand in the back of a pickup truck and do the same thing."
WV/FF/Jayne - Bad Guys

Epic Fail: The Platinum Extended Director's Cut Edition

apocalypsos gets eloquent about some fandom wank:

I can say that the mods have clearly achieved an epic case of FAIL. The kind George Lucas would film brilliantly, and then turn around and re-edit twenty years later with questionable special effects, and then turn around ten years later and release forty-seven different ways on DVD, and then turn around and charge you an arm and a leg for each version. It's that level of epic FAIL. Seriously, there should be Ewoks or something.

Context didn't really have anything else to say about it.
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