July 30th, 2007

All my chair are belong to cat

Dog the Boobie Hunter?

ginmar is perplexed by Dog the Bounty Hunter:

So obviously I've made the acquaintance of Dog the Bounty hunter, or as I mutter, "Dog, the guy who got more wedgies in high school than Michael Flately." You, too, can prevent abuse of hair extensions and leather: don't give wedgies that will haunt their recipiant decades later. You too could be to blame for eye-bulging butt cleavage on the wrong place. I'm not sure what happened to Dog's wife in high school, because except for the cliches, she seems sweet, but the only way the phrase, "I'm going to be your worst bleepin' nightmare" could be accurate would be if she could use those bosoms as some kind of torture device. Who knows, maybe she inserts heads between them, then clangs them together like cymbals (or symbols, if you're a fangirl) and leaves the guy with a permanently elongated skull for the rest of his life.

Quoted with blanket permission. Context hunts down tasteful fashion and pepper-sprays it.