July 29th, 2007


When trying to apply logic to whether the dog needs bathing.

lederhosen worked out the layout of a program to determine the dog's status requires changing from "dirty" to "bathed":
if ~(TYPEOFDOG=='brave independent outside dog like you were supposed to be')
  TYPEOFDOG=='inside dog who likes to sleep under the covers with the people';


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Original post here and the context was two baths in 12 hours for said doggie.
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Is what all ladies think of their male SO's?

lomaprieta had her bird sexed, and it's a boy! Which prompts this exchange:

zarchasmpgmr (me): So what will it be like living with a man in the house?
lomaprieta: A lot like living with the last one, probably, except James never pooped on me.

Context is crapping on someone but saying you're sorry.

Public entry, but QWP because I'm that kind of guy.

Edited to say that the bird's name is Diego...the ex-boyfriend is James.
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Folgers in your cup.

haate, agreeing on an assessment of disciplinary action:

I was kind of having brain ruminations like this, but having just woke up, it'd come out a lot more like "No mr peanut, chair eats monkey feet on saturday, not with cheese weasels"

context needs the best part of waking up. QWP.