July 27th, 2007

Animals// Philippine Eagle - startled

One more I found in my inbox.

urinalcakes, quite the awesome guy (but who wouldn't be with a name like that?), is instituting a new holiday.

We're going to introduce a Kick in The Balls Day.

Go on, kick a fellow workmate or friend or enemy square in the coin bag. It's not just limited to kicks, you can punch, headbutt or whatever. You can even throw tennis balls, or any kind of ball at the nether regions of your intended target. In fact the other day , I used my chunky TV remote control as a weapon in a well aimed shot at my mates knackers. He folded like a fucking deckchair. See a religious wanker walking down the street? Dispense with a hefty kick to the joy department to immediately assert your authority. It's Kick in The Balls Day after all. Have a really annoying workmate who hassles you or flicks you with elastic bands all day? Well kung fu kick him square in the happy sack with impunity.

Mind you, I couldn't walk properly for a bit after having a medium sized American Football pegged at my tadger.

Context needs an ice pack. QWP