July 24th, 2007


You're not sick of Harry Potter yet, right?

At least this one doesn't have any spoilers!

I always imagined Helga Hufflepuff laughing and thinking to herself, "They act like they all got the special ones, but I'm terribly pleased that Salazar took the the snobs, Godric took the troublemakers, and Rowena took the nerds. Now that they've skimmed off the worst of the little bastards, I'll take the rest."
-- polymorphously

QWP. Context is, tragically, flocked like a Macy's display in December.

Harry Potter & The Stubble On The Neck But Not The Face

int reflects on the latest Harry Potter movie installment and the series as a whole.

I've figured out why I'm so bored of this series - it's the same fucking story over and over, with a different ending set piece. Start out at the Dursleys, off to school, pre-school bit where he's in trouble and gets out of it, blah blah we get a new teacher who is either really nice or an arsehat, big secret mystery, oh noes foreboding badness, Christmas, more school junk, big ending set piece where Voldemort goes rah rah rah I will kill you this time Harry oh wait no there's still 2 lots of this crap to go, Harry gets his arse kicked a bit, fights, etc, then we all live happily ever after until next year. Throw in Ron does ronface (thankfully missing from this movie), Hermoine acts like Lisa Simpson, Harry goes wah wah I have no friends yet I'm surrounded by them, Hagrid goes arrrrh like a land-pirate, Draco goes lolz Potter u r sux coz I am racist, Snape does his thing he does (does he ever do anything other than go "grrr Potter I stole these clothes from AFI"?), something bad happens at the school but they never consider... you know, leaving and going to another school, yet more onomatopoeic first names (because someone called Dolores clearly isn't going to be a middle aged cat lady), and so on blah blah. It's the literary/cinematic equivalent of a Quarter Pounder meal.
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