July 23rd, 2007

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I swear to god, this post does not actually contain spoilers.

duowing expresses his opinions on the epicness of the seventh Harry Potter book:

The new Harry Potter book was pretty awesome. My favorite part was when the Quidditch team started flying in to do an aerial attack on the army and then they started firing off anti-air craft rounds at the quidditch team with the bad ass line "Catch this snitch...mother fucker"

The part where they started throwing fireball spells at the army only to be defeated by the technology of Nascar's flame retardant suits was also sweet. In the end it was the best to see Hogwarts get obliterated by the army. It was an intense battle. I never saw it coming that Sam Fisher was the one who actually killed Dumbledore. He is a secret undercover agent afterall.

Sauce, QWP.

taperkat and the bookstore con artist

"Now, if we didn't have warning bells before, now they're Red Alert Klaxons with a fleet of Romulans bearing down on us at Warp 9 with Cylons behind them and Voldemort leading them all. (don't try to picture this unless you've gotten about 2 hours of sleep in the past 2 days all while singing Harry and the Potters "What's That Ticking Noise")."

context is sleep deprived.

he can do EVERYTHING! next he will build a computer out of moss.

Help! Cannot stop watching "Man vs. Wild" marathon. I think I am in love with him and would like to be stranded in an Ecuadorean jungle with him while he builds shelter for us out of moss and a piece of his sock and clouds or something. Although he should totally stop making it sound like if any of us were stuck in the jungle/on top of a mountain/in an ice-cave, we'd be okay if we just did what he did. The first time I tried to make a rope out of plants, I would probably somehow manage to set myself on fire with it. Also, if it comes down to eating grubs or death, I'm really going to have to spend a few minutes trying to decide if death is really that bad of an option.

I vaguely remember there being channels that weren't the Discovery channels/Animal Planet/History channel/Nat'l Geographic/Travel channels, but those were the dark days before Dog Whisperer marathons.


bibliotech watches a television made out of moss, socks, and clouds, here. QWP.
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apollymi makes her opinion known on Anita Blake, Vampire F****er

In the latest book, there seems to be some setting up of an eventual sexual relationship between Anita and Edward's sixteen year old stepson, leading to a push over that final cliff for her. When she began the series, she wasn't exactly virginal, having had a relationship prior to the series beginning, but she insisted from then on that she wouldn't sleep with the monsters. Collapse )

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On the joys of rampaging and primal gateau.

cuddlycthulhu attempts to describe his birthday cake in a comment to my post wishing him a happy day of nativity:

"No, to say that it was simply "chocolate cake" would be an understatement of such ridiculous proportions that it would be visible from space. This was the pure essence of chocolate cake, a mighty chocolate cake, the kind of cake you might expect to be roaming across ancient dessert tundras, preying on roaming eclairs and brownies and occasionally scaring primal humankind into cavity-filled flight.

In short, it was a chocolate cake not to be fucked with."

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