July 21st, 2007

Price of HP leak

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carentan on the way the Hogwarts founders would have reacted to the carpet book:

Salazar Slytherin - has read the Carpet Book and is busy spoiling it for everyone he can find...
Rowena Ravelclaw - has read it already and is busy re-reading it and crossrefrencing it to the other books...
Godric Gryffindor - camped out at his local bookstore, and is on his tenth cup of coffee trying to read it straight through...
Helga Hufflepuff - has the book, put a protective cover on it, and just got done cleaning her house so she can start reading it guilt-free...

Context loves spoilers

ACL: everything is beautiful

mercury_ca knows the truth about Deathly Hallows!

- you go to the sore
- you buy the book
- you read the book
- you get happy/angry/whatever
- you put the book down. Pee. Eat.
- you function as a normal adult. You know, kind of how you were a week ago, and before that ALL THE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE.
- you finish reading the book.
- you put it down.
- you ignore it for days/weeks/months/years
- eventually, you read the book again
- with the time will come wisdom and perspective.
- The hype will die out and you'll come to wonder if you would have been better off with the sleep instead of staying out all night.
- you will find that, with re-reading (and not at midnight on the first day OMG), the contents of the book, what's written on the pages, has not and will not change. If you'd got it a week later, it still would have been the same.

Context is using that pesky Earth logic again. F-locked, QWP.
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djshangrila has some trouble taking a nap:

I'm so tired, and all I want to do is sleep, but my body seems to interpret every single little thing it hears as a threat to my life or something. I just want to tell it to shut up. My mom is putting away the dishes in the kitchen, you idiot; there aren't secret ninjas breaking into the house to assassinate me, and even if there were, we wouldn't hear them, because they're ninjas. Jeez.

Context is on chapter 19 of HBP.
GP with saddle

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isabella_mrose's kitty, Pumpkin, is trying to help with feeding duties:

"Pump, whilst we all know that you are the Eradicator of the Evil Chipmunks, please don't leave their corpses in my son's sandbox. Your furless brother doesn't need the extra protein."

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