July 19th, 2007


So there's a discussion about non player characters at bad_rpers_suck...

majic13 says:

The point is that badass PCs shouldn't be able to butcher poor nameless NPCs with impunity. Those NPCs don't exist in a vacuum - they have NPC spouses and NPC children and NPC friends who will be sad and angry and call the NPC cops; if a PC kicks too hard against them, they're going to kick back. And there's a lot of 'em compared to the lone badass PC.

context has an NPC family
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But is it macroable?

norabombay nearly got sidetracked during her trip to the pet store:

The[y] had kittens. About a dozen tiny, adorable, hyperactive kittens.

I found myself evaluating them on the sole grounds of their appropriateness for cat macros. Which one would be the next Happy Cat? Or Long Cat? Or Ceiling Cat? Forget health, personality, any of that. Who would take the best macro photographs.

Context really needs to go make dachsund macros.

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kamara has a lolmum (QWP)

Yesterday while shopping with mum, we popped into B&Q to get a shovel and some other garden-y type things. Just as you went in there were stacks, like, 15 or so of bright orange buckets piled about 20 or 30 high. Mum and I looked at each other, ran over to the buckets and grabbed one each. Turned to each other and proudly said...

"I has a bucket!" complete with a ^_^ type smile on our faces.

We did actually *buy* the buckets as we needed them. Much amusement was had while purchasing the buckets, putting the buckets in the car, bringing the buckets into the house.... and so on. We left the buckets on the kitchen table and went about our day.

However, the tale doesn't end there.

This morning while I was getting my breakfast mum was on her way out to work. She says her usual goodbyes while she's leaving "Be good, do the dishes, oh and..." She stopped talking mid sentence, I turned around to go find a spoon for my Cheerios to find mum pointing at the table.

"No stealing mah bucket." She turned around and left the kitchen leaving me in fits of hysterics.
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Vista Recieves Another Convert, by force and by blood

Vista is pretty and shiny and glamorous, but the sad truth behind the flash lies a required sacrifice from [info]downloadable08

Thankfully, the demons of my shiny new laptop seem to be appeased with the sacrifices of hair pulled from my head. I just hope I don't have to make regular offerings, or I'll end up looking like Patrick Stewart. Make it not so!

Context would rather not adopt a new hair style.

Quoted with permission.
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