July 18th, 2007


Not a real spoiler.

pabsungenis posts a "leaked chapter" from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows:

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"This, Potter," Voldemort sneered, "is your future!"

At that, several dozen people apparated behind Voldemort. He handed the book to one of them, who started, slowly, handing it off to the others. Each time it passed from person to person, another copy appeared in the hands of the person who handed it off. As time went on, more people started appearing behind this tableau of book duplication. Some dressed in 17th-century pirate garb, others as pitchfork-wielding demons, others in garb that was too bizarre for Harry to try and describe.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked.

"I am making sure the entire world knows your future! Every one in the world will know what happens to you three days before it actually happens! Then, when you and your destiny finally collide, no one will care!"

Harry realized that his wand arm had finally succumbed to the forces of exhaustion and pain that had been dogging it for so long. Surrendering to fatigue, Harry barely had the energy to let out a plaintive scream before Voldemort threw another copy of the book directly at Harry, hitting him right above his scar.

There is no Context, only Zuul.

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discworld: grim squeaker

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zanate calls a couple contacts from a contractor's reference sheet and is rather impressed:

From the strength of their recommendations, you would think that this company provides complimentary daily blowjobs. "Hi, we're here to work on your kitchen today, but first, mmfff mfffff mwwwmmfph mphh."

Context is here (f-locked, QWP).