July 17th, 2007

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Huevosplash - for the guy who shaves his huevos!

theplaymobilman decides to brighten up his workday by invoking Pablo Francisco...

NOTE: If you've never heard of Pablo Francisco, then you probably won't get this

I finally gave into temptation.  I couldn't find my samples, someone had moved them yesterday afternoon.  Davide told me that Pablo had put them somewhere.  I couldn't have set it up more perfectly if I tried.

So I made the footstep noises and pushed the door of the lab open

theplaymobilman: "PABLO!!! Dave said that uh, you took my samples or something?  Pablo man this is my JOB!  I take it SERIOUSLY man!"

Pablo: *blank look* "Che?"

Context is paying for pizza with ten ones up his ass (f-locked, QWP)
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