July 16th, 2007

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it's rare you catch one in the wild...

sorchawench on working with emotionally disturbed youth:

Teen girls are the worst. If there were a way to skip the years 13-16 we should do it. There is no more dangerous creature alive on this earth than a teen girl. They have the strongest bite pressure of any animal known to be domesticated by man. They have no conscience or empathy for those around them and they require large amounts of money to house and feed. Their hormones make them as untrustworthy as a pitbull from the ghetto and their bark reaches the grating level of a hyperactive chihuahua with a dentist drill.

QWP, Context also has an ungodly cellphone bill due to IDK, OMG my BFF Jill eleventy!one!!!!
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I think a trip to Pikea is in the offing ...

In In a discussion on livejournal_uk re: obesity (with, so far, minimal wank):

count_libido: Do you realise that without fat people there would be an EC Pie Mountain? We're doing you a service godammit!
brewhexe: Where is this pie mountain, and how do I get there? Mmmmmmm, pie!
count_libidoYeah - now that's the sort of mountaineering I can get behind!

Context may be an unrepentant troll, but he certainly gets discussion started.