July 14th, 2007


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With all the great big movies coming out, indigoskynet has noticed an amusing trend in the sign arrangement at her local theatre:

At the movie theater nearest my job.

I kept forgetting to mention it:

Two weeks ago, the marquis had movies listed like this:

Knocked Up
Nancy Drew

One week ago, the marquis read:

Knocked Up

This week, the marquis reads:

Knocked Up
Harry Potter

context has NO intention seeing ANYHING in that theatre while knocked up is there.
Anarchist, MatGB
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How fast do goats eat a field?

nwhyte does some maths, sinclair_furie says he's wrong, and gets the response:
Yes, this was what my wife argued as well. My question to you and her is, how can the grass go down to zero across the whole field in that case?

[pause for marital conversation]

OK, she has convinced me of the error of my foolish ways. You and she are right - if the goats are somehow eating all of the grass blades in the field simultaneously, hoovering them down to a common level. It does make the maths easier.

She insists that it is also more botanically correct. I don't think that is very relevant to the maths. But it is more relevant to real life.

Now she is accusing me of being a sore loser. I think I should take her out to dinner.
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