July 10th, 2007

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I also went to the Padres game with thousands of other queer-type peoples, and much to the surprise of certain morons people, the world did not end. Drat! Have to try harder next time.

Clearly, my one purpose in life is to sabotage the Traditional Nuclear Hetero Family with my love of baseball.

biogeekgrrlis Queer as Baseball.
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Marla's brother just got a job as a worship director and got interesting mail from home...

On Friday, Brian had asked Carl (my other brother) to send him any mail that might've come for him back home.

Problem #1: Unbeknownst to Brian, his mail is apparently still getting re-routed to the parish office, since priests used to live in his house.

Problem #2: Carl was really bored when he mailed out the package.

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QWP, context is probably going to hell for laughing.
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Raise please?

mistyraven gets attacked by the Internets:

---Server Message---
Welcome to the World Wide Web!

/em types "WTF" into the address bar.
/em bashes head on desk repeatedly.

The Internets hits mistyraven for 101 points of damage.
mistyraven calls for help!
The Internets hits mistyraven for 101 points of damage.
The Internets readies Lollercaust.
mistyraven : fucking aggro
mistyraven starts casting Warp.
The Internets uses Lollercaust.
mistyraven's casting is interrupted.
mistyraven takes 1337 points of damage.
mistyraven is defeated by the Internets.

Flocked, QWP, LFP