July 8th, 2007

porn for victory

oh noes, typo


Hey, I've found something that can throw me right the hell out of good porn. Let's just say that it's really hard to think about the sex going on when one of the guys involved has a misspelled tattoo and you can't suppress the urge to reach through the screen with a pen and correct it.

Context would like you to remember that tattoos are permanent.

It is truly a sad day for a scandal.


apiphile: What that's the collective noun for a group of lesbians?
A Scandal.
So what do you call a gathering of gay men, then?

kyraille: Now I'm imagining nature documentaries about homosexuals in their native habitats:

"And here we are lucky enough to espy a small scandal of lesbians grazing quietly on the plain... do I detect the strains of angry chick rock playing in the distance? Ah, and what's that ambling into view on the left? Could it be... an attractive female? The scandal is suddenly alert, several members appear to be eyeing her in a predatory sort of way... oh, dear. Will she join the scandal or flee?
A cloud of dust seems to be rising behind her... what on earth is that? Oh! A FABULOUS STAMPEDE! The attractive female is rooted to the spot in fear, and several seconds later is crushed to death under a deluge of glitter and pride flags. The fabulous moves on, leaving only footprints and the echoes of club music in its wake. It is truly a sad day for a scandal."

QWP, locked post