July 5th, 2007

Jayde - Loves Sirius

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deltashade rethinks some Potter casting choices in statements...

"If Ah-nold Schwarzenhoffenmcdurgenman were Sirius, the movie would have gone so much better; Harry could have, like, been in trouble and shit, and Sirius would just yell "HARRY, GET TO DE CHOPPAH", and Harry would be all "what choppah, speak English", but then Buckbeak comes out of nowhere and OH SHIT, SIRIUS FITTED HIM WITH HELICOPTER BLADES, and then Buckbeak and Harry and Sirius fly away in slow motion while Hogwarts explodes and a bald eagle flies past (that's actually Voldemort in disguise) and Sirius throws Harry's wand at and through the bald eagle and everything is once again right in the wizarding world."

Context is not afraid of your drapes.
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doccy, on hearing that Boots Randolph, the composer of the Benny Hill Saxophone music Yakety Sax, had died:

"See, I had it pictured as a sombre procession all the way to the church (cremation place, wherever), and as soon as the people carrying the coffin get through the doors, in kicks the music, complete with waddling at high speed down the aisle, getting misdirected out a side door, the carriers come back in but the coffin comes in a different door with different pall bearers, the two groups then proceed to chase each other around for a few minutes, semi-naked nurses somehow become involved, and so on and so forth, just as Mr Hill himself would have planned."

(Sorry, must have been half asleep when posting this: taken from this thread.)