July 4th, 2007

oh noes stitch

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Over in mock_the_stupid, tere_ghan's to-do list is more interesting than mine.

"Odd moment - having to tell my more experienced coworker that I was, in fact, assigned to scrub the fish tank. Not the fish.

(Come back here so I can clean you! No, don't swim away again!)"

QWP, that's all there is, context is in ur tanx, swimin away.
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springtime the pony

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Once I offered a battle between Wolverine and Alien, and we had a serious discussion about how a chestburster would make it out through his rib cage.* And yes, we theorized--I argued that he must have some uncoated cartilage on there to allow his ribs to expand as he breathes, as happens with most humans, and those would be the weak points like hinges that the little bugger could smash outward.

*Seriously, this is a dorkgasm moment. He could actually LIVE THROUGH A CHESTBURSTER, then FIGHT THE ALIEN later. My friend thought it was so cool she started drawing a comic, hence the discussion.

Context is just a ninja-pirate short of being the most awesome thing on the Internet.
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Perky Potential Problem Passers

tydestra sees other females highlight different "assets" in interviews and makes a correction to her resume:

Responsive, natural D-cups perk up and increase visibility of nipples at the slightest change of the AC; continuous wear of button-down dress shirts offers plenty of peek-a-boo cleavage opportunities either while standing or seated. Flexible with wearing a water or gel based bust enhancer to further increase visible cleavage production by 50%. Fantastic cold weather management guarantees the tight sweater views expected at corporate level.

Content is spilling over the top, QWP.