July 3rd, 2007

Global War on Terrorism, D20 style

wordweaverlynn describes the recent London bombing scares:

Cynical explanation 2d:

Gamemaster Karl Rove, "Gordon is the new PM in Britain. How do you react?"

Several players confer. "We bomb him! We've got a couple of Drummer Girl car bombs -- Mercedes packed with explosives. And, uh, an SUV we can set on fire."

Gordon comes to table, balancing several rulebooks, a pint of Guinness, and a plate of munchies, and whines, "I say, fellows, that's not cricket. I haven't even had a chance to finish rolling for power, status, and charm."

Gamemaster grins. "Don't worry, this is a guaranteed way to get a lot of approval points fast. Just don't piss them away like Dubya there."

Dubya, drunkenly waving a whiskey bottle, "I'm a Paladin! Anything I do is right! Anybody doesn't approve, they must be the Ack-ack-axis of Evil."

Everyone ignores him.

The GM says, "To get back to reality, guys, Gordon needs to roll for damage. Roll three D20s."

"Yes! Yes! Total of four, you terrorist bastards! Hah, see what you get for attacking the British lion!"

Rove consults a chart. "Sorry, boys, your Mercedes car bombs don't make it. One gets towed, and the other is discovered and disarmed. But the SUV. . . ."

Terrorists hold their breath.

"The SUV doesn't explode on impact, and when you set it on fire, you're caught and arrested. Now roll for damages from the flames."

Context is trying to find a loophole in the Player's Guide.

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Music and blasters and old Jedi Masters...

The mst3k community discusses Star Wars and Final Sacrifice. quizzicalsphinx decides to serenade us.

(to the tune of "Copacabana")

His name was Malcolm, he played a thin kid
With a sketchy claim to fame, and one sweater to his name
He had a dead dad, who went exploring
Found an ancient hidden town, then the cultists shot him down
So Troy is on the run
Pursued by everyone
While Mike and his friendly robots sit back and poke fun

At the city, city of Ziox!
The dialogue's read from a prompt box
Down in the city, city of Ziox!
Cultists and chainsaws and Rowsdower's glass jaw
In the ciiiiity . . . .

He was Rowsdower! He had a moustache
And a broken-down old truck, and some really shitty luck!
They went to Pipper, who knew Troy's father
They shot the city into space, Rowsdower got to second base!
So now the cult is free! Satoris is his-to-ry!
Why George Lucas never sued them is a my-ster-y!

It's the city, city of Ziox!
The Aztecs built it out of Lock-Blocks!
It's the city, city of Ziiii-ox!
Ski-masks and tank-tops and box-office sales flops
In the ciiiiiiiiity . . . city of Ziox!
Firefly - Scary Hair

(no subject)

cinchntouch has discovered the X-Box:

Something changed last night, all because of a little black box. It seems in some ways that we have bonded on a different and more friendly level. We have been men together, we have been childish together but we have never been guys together. Nothing really earthshaking happend, but we shared someting quite comfortable and intimate.

I think there is much to be said for chasing your partner around trying to blast them and kill them with guided missiles.

Context is playing games. QWP, even though it's not locked.
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Lake Flaccid?

michael_lucid might not want to skinny-dip in this one....

(Upon reading a map to a client's facility in Oklahoma)

Me: It's just west of this lake on the Map. Lake Hefner.
Him: Lake Hefner?
Me: Yeah. I wonder if it's named after Hugh...
Him: Well, what shape is it?

There is no spoon context, but QWP.