July 2nd, 2007

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amything discusses her frustration in dealing with conflict.

It goes back as far as third grade. I remember being on the playground, standing between two angry groups of girls. How the fight started, I have no idea. It was something silly; but they were yelling, "Choose a side, Amy! Whose side are you on?"

"I'm on both your sides..."

"You can't be on both, Amy! You have to choose one."

So eventually I gave up and went to sit on the jungle gym, where I contemplated the pettiness of life with my imaginary friend. His name was Mo.

Context is on the jungle gym. Locked post; QWP.
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Hairy men in corsets are always/never safe for work...

ladynorbert discovers that the latest Rhymes with Witch isn't quite work safe:

While I don't object to the comic itself, what worried me was that although I hit "Back" immediately after feeling the urge to douse my contact lenses in acid, the image was frozen on my computer for a few minutes, and I was in grave danger of having my boss walk past and see it.

"Laura, I think it's time we had a talk about what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate use of the church's internet provider."

QWP, here
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audiodrops is full of questions

1.) Since when does the fact that I am a conservative mean that I can't think drugs are bad and support having laws against most drugs (including abuse of prescriptions) because that would be promoting "utopianism"?

2.) Have any of you met someone who was mostly conservative that thought laws against drugs and drug abuse were bad?

3.) Does believing one thing that isn't conservative (by someone else's definition, but that's irrelevant, really) make me automatically not a conservative?

And finally, and most importantly,

4.) Why the fuck is there a cactus on top of my neighbors' carport? Seriously, it has been there for weeks. I don't think they know it's up there.

That IS the context. public but QWP.
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