July 1st, 2007

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apollymi reviews Doctor Who

Russell T. Davies, what did you eat the night before you came up with these three stories? Seriously, they remind me of the dreams I have when I have ice cream before bed or what my mum dreams when she has pickles before bed. Hence forth, I shall refer to these three episodes as the Pickle Dream Trilogy.

Also: We wasted five minutes of screen time on seeing John Simm boogie all over the screen. I don't mind seeing John Simm boogie, but there's a time and place.

Context still thinks there's too much deus ex machina.
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Finding the funny, even during the tragic

At suburbfabulous's father's funeral, the bagpipe player was less than expert:

It is a scientific fact that, in order to play a wind instrument that has its own bladder full of air, you must fill said bladder with said air. It is also a scientific fact that a churchful of people is never quieter than at a funeral. The resulting elephant blowjob noise was, then, yet another cruel jest of science.

Actually, the whole entry, though it recounts the time of suburbfabulous's father's dying, death, and funeral, is both touching and hilarious, as well as QWP.
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Commenting on an obesity wank that spanned several communities, lukadia makes it even more personal:

I am obesity, and I'm proud to say that I'm hiding in your basement right now, waiting to erupt.

Those missing corn chips you thought you bought last week? ME. The family pet didn't come home last night? ME. Postman dragging himself away from your yard, both legs severed above the knee? NOT ME, BUT I COULD HAVE DONE IT IF I WANTED TO OKAY.

Come downstairs and you'll see for yourself.

PS - Bring a pizza.
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orwellian_trash has some advice for those of us considering commenting on Doctor Who...

4) Beware, ANYTHING CAN BE A SPOILER! Casting news? SPOILER! Sun-based rumour? SPOILERZ! A picture of RTD sitting naked in a bathtub filled with his television awards cackling away to himself? ZOMG SP01LARZ!!

Context is hiding from the fangirlz and boyz...

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