June 29th, 2007


Natural disasters bring out the stupidity in all of us...

sparkindarkness's town is having a flooding problem.

The council, or possibly the environment agency, have told us we are on “silver alert.” Fine, but no-one has actually bothered to explain to us exactly what this means. Risk of sparkliness? Shinies beware? Pretty pretty ponies are going to get you? Bitter, second-place Olympic athletes are about to invade? What is the point of having a colour coded alert system that isn’t explained to the people you’re alerting?

Context has a 90% chance of heavy rain with scattered morons.
Fanfic by Erika

Where does it say that?

A post in fanficrants prompted this gem from goggled_monkey:

"It's only a sin to write anime fanfiction. Check your bibles people!

And low, Jesus turned to his people and said, "Yea, on the path to heaven, do not create stories about Japanese comics for it is a slight against my father."
And his people were in turmoil and confusion as they did not know what Japan was.
And Jesus assured them it was kawaii.

And low, my fake bible language does suck."

Context is going to hell.
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flisleschnitz Misbehaves

"Was on the porch the other day reading when an elderly black Jehovah's Witness man came up and was friendly and handed me a flier for a meeting they were going to be having. I thanked him and he retreated on down the driveway. Only, he turned back, and says 'that bumper sticker, on your truck....'

I say 'which one?'

He says in a very skeptical sort of voice 'Well behaved women never make history.' Then looked at me like I needed to explain myself.

I calmly answered 'Rosa Parks.'

He promptly got that skeptical look off his face, about faced, and marched down the driveway.

I was amused."

Context is very well-behaved, thank you.

Icon wars and Ducks from the wonderfulness that is nobleplatypus

The duckling is quite big and getting feathers. I'm predicting that it's a female, since it doesn't look all that flashy. We've moved it to a larger cage atop Zoë's kennel, and it has started to attract the attention of the wild birds at our feeder. A male bluebird has been clinging to the windowsill and watching it for minutes at a time, occasionally uttering soft cheeps that probably translate into something like, "Why do you ally yourself with the humans?! Rebel against your captors and JOIN US! FREEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOMMMMMMM!" Either that, or he's tragically in love with a bird of a different feather.

In the comments:

alienagentsab: Make your icon stop grinning at me!! *covers eyes, tries vainly to find a sofa to hide behind, or at least a sizable couch* I see. How very interesting! My icon is trying to stare yours down.

nobleplatypus: My icon gasses your icon!

alienagentsab: My icon becomes addled! It begins to feel that maybe it will lose this stand-off!

nobleplatypus: Adding insult to injury, my icon steals your icon's girlfriend!

alienagentsab: My icon is shocked to find out it has a girlfriend, and wants to know how it can get back some of this action it didn't know it was missing.

nobleplatypus: My icon declines to comment, as it feels that bragging about its hypnotic power over women would come across as immodest.

alienagentsab: My icon scoffs that hypnotic power is nothing; my icon can stop crime and looks good in white.

nobleplatypus: My icon can run in heels (while stopping supernatural crime, no less) and looks good in a hat!

alienagentsab: My icon causes supernatural crime, and looks good in a hood and spats!

nobleplatypus: My icon spies on your icon and reports its behavior to the Order of the Phoenix, and has fliptastic hair!

That's the exstent of it so far, but I'm sure the battle will go on . . .

Context's icon is better than yours