June 27th, 2007

crazy pills

mslaynie goes to the ER...

While waiting for this second round of ER testing, the husband and I were discussing the whole HIDA scan thing. They inject you with radioactive tracer, then watch you for an hour or two to see where it goes. The husband mentioned something about me being radioactive, to which I replied, "Am I gonna get big and green then, a giant she-hulk?"

Husband: "Yep!"
Me: "No, I think I'd end up being pink, and saying things like, 'Hulk crampy. Hulk need chocolate.'"
Husband: "Ooooh, yea. 'Hulk not like this room. Hulk REDECORATE!!!'"

... yea, I think we've officially lost our minds.

QWP, context is hanging out in the marvel universe.
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