June 25th, 2007

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The Gospel According to donwaughesq.

In the Beginning, there was mediocrity.

And then a voice cut through the coldness: "Let there be Awesome!"

And there was, and it was good.

And the voice continued: "Let all things that are of awesome be made of dedication, of determination, of drive. And let these things be a standard by which all else is to excel."

Context will never give up; never surrender.

ljdq once again provides your weekly dose of hilarity.

mark_laura: It took Mark five dates to find Laura's Upper Volta, but after that there was no doubt we would be inseparable.
L: 'Kenya reach it? It's between the libya (aka the ivory coasts).'
M: 'I've benin there before, but I'm ghana try again.'
L: 'Only a little farther togo... OH, Morocco!'
M: 'Never senegal to do a man's work.'

chaosvizier: Well, at least Mark didn't russia in there while Laura was still chile. Always spaind some time peru-sing the scenery if you want to romania in good favor with your partner.

angledge: I hate everybody.

Context is particularly punny today.
tv: dw: 13

From fanficrants...

bergeronprocess: I think Gayness Running Rampant would be an amazing name for a band. Also, I reckon the reviewer's probably about 12 or something. Love the whole "GOD DOESN'T APPROVE" angle that they take. I'm with psych_nut--I don't know about that particular fandom, though.

runic_binary: It would. So would Player Gayness, actually.

tabbyclaw: As opposed to non-player gayness, which mostly exists to advance the storyline and give you quest items.

Context loves everybody. Except you.
Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

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bladeliger values all forms of his personal space:

My ass isn't as big as it once was. Regardless of that, though, there's only been room on my ass for one person: me. By order of the fire marshal, my ass has a seating capacity of me. You and your lover may share a bicycle built for two, but my ass was built for me and me alone. There's only room in this ass for one person, and it's me.

I could go on, but I'm just going to cut to the chase. Dear damn near everyone I've interacted with today: get the hell off my ass! My ass is not a METRO bus! You cannot ride this ride! If you continue to ride my ass, there will be dire consequences! Tomorrow had damn well better be a brighter day.

Step off, context!! (exact change only)