June 24th, 2007

Knitty Bender

Because I couldn't just let it die... from kingtriton

Sunday June 24 2007

Greetings Humans;

I, King Triton, never thought I would see the day when I would be conversing with barbarians such as yourselves. I have made it clear in my film, The Little Mermaid (available for purchase on Amazon.com HERE) and in The Little Mermaid 2 (also available for purchase on Amazon.com HERE) that I, King Triton, dislike humans. I have also made this point clear on the Soundtracks to various Little Mermaid related Compact Discs (available for purchase on Amazon.com HERE).
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[Art] Deeeeeerrrrp?
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dr_ghost knows how to do a disclaimer.

VAGINAS DO NOT GO SIDEWAYS! [NOT work safe (and Sonic porn), as if the link itself wasn't a hint enough. You may need to join to see. Yes... shoot me. I joined a hentai art site. Sallie "made" me; I joined for the Sallie, I stayed for the porn... even the porn with sideways vaginas that make me go 'EH?!', in the shocked way not the Canadian way... Don't ask how I found this. Flash animations make me curious... I don't get turned on by Sonic porn, it makes me giggle. Tails porn, OH SNAP THAT'S DIFFERENT I'm joking, before anyone gets any ideas. Shut up, Ghost, the disclaimer is too long now and you seem more retarded than usual... But they don't go sideways... unless someone shows me photographic evidence of them being otherwise, and I would be interested in seeing that... As a 'prove me wrong' way, not a 'I'd find that sexy' wa--shut up, Ghost, they're not interested.]

- QWP and linked (with a safe for work link, I suppose. Although THAT leads to a not-so one.)
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para bellum, Sic vis pacem

Clickity click click as shortest route to total meltdown.

The witty pure_doxyk may need to spring for Photoshop after all:

Hate me if you must. Claim mitigating factors.

Emotional trauma.
Even PMS.

But I won't take it back. Even though I love it for its freedom, it's attitude, it's honest gusto...

...I hate The Gimp.
It's barely fucking usable.
It's one of the worst UIs I've ever seen outside of Micro$oft.

Steps to accomplish
And 4,999,987 of them are about as intuitive
As a Dada crossdresser's funeral.

QWP, of course.

“EVIL ponies!”

amanuensis1’s non-spoilery reaction to the Doctor Who episode “The Sound of Drums”:
...the ending felt over-the-top gratuitious, piling on so many "Seen it" things one after another until they snapped the suspension wires on my disbelief. I had this vision of the writers jumping about saying, "...and, uh, ponies! EVIL ponies!"

Context wishes the season were longer.

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sergeikatholicm is having a good day in lab:

I isolated RNA from the one strain that I really have going, which was easier than I thought it would be. The kit that I used has the subtitle "Serious RNA Isolation", which makes me wonder if the company sells a "Silly RNA Isolation" kit. And if not, I might have to make it.

Silly RNA Isolation
Step 1: Add the blue solution to the tube. Pick an amount, any amount.
Step 2: Did you pick 15µL?
Step 3: Add cells to tube.
Step 4: Vortex your face at setting 5.
Step 5: Ask your cells if they are still alive. If they answer, dispose tube in biohazard waste and phone proper safety authorities.
Step 6: Add 20µL SOLUTION X. (Warning, SOLUTION X is slightly alkaline and corrosive. Do not drink SOLUTION X. SOLUTION Y goes good with fish, however)
Step 7: If the tube turns pink, congratulations, it's a girl!
Step 8: To precipitate RNA, dance. That's right, dance. RNA will only precipitate upon successful completion of a good dance.

Context is a mad scientist.