June 22nd, 2007


bean_bunny gets a kitty!

Chloe: O HAI (Chloe does, naturally, speak kitteh.)
Me: Hi there, kitty. Smell me?
Chloe: im under ur hand, sniffin ur flavrs
Me: Aww, well, you're --
Chloe: *snifsniffsniff* U HAS WON MAH ETERNAL KITTY LUV.
Me: The hell?
Chloe: *rubrubrubpurrrubrubrub*

Chloe started rubbing against me and purring. I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY rubbing and purring. I've never had an animal out-and-out throw themselves at me. She didn't seem to care if I petted her or not, she just needed to rub on me. Lots. However, Chloe was still doped up to the point where she was having a kitty-sized Jimmi Hendrix concert, and if I didn't stay low on the ground, she'd try to stand up and rub me, then lose her balance and do the kitten equivalent of a face plant. She fell in her water dish once. Did not matter. There was loving to be done on me. She decided that David might be okay, but she didn't want to do anything else for the rest of the night beyond rub me.

Context is in ur bathroom, bein way too cute!
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Doom Song!

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tydestra's insomnia induced philosophy: 
People are like stores, some have on their shelves everything you want, but nothing of what you need. Others have everything you need, but very little of what you want thus making for an incomplete shopping experience; others have in stock everything you want and everything you need but have shitty operating hours and the rest are closed. Doesn't matter how hard you knock & demand service, if they do not have what you need there's no point in shopping there.
Mr. Vox
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The Department of LOL Studies

In a much longer post slammerkinbabe proposes A contest involving research papers about LOL Cats..

Among the questions she asks are this:
What is it about the lolcats, or, conversely, about our society, that has made lolcats such an instant craze? Why does their popularity seem to cross all sectors, sweeping through all the diverse sectors of Internet users, from spelling-impaired tweenyboppers to cynical and comparatively elderly bloggers?...Why do we wish to perceive cats as having poor grammar?
More about the idea behind the cut. Collapse )

Full context is here, as well as a place to submit proposals.

You're not the boss of me!

I made the suggestion that Islam was the teenager to Christianity's more mature adult. tightpants4eva illustrates the interaction between the two:
CHRISTIANITY: Islam! So help me, you're going to accept secular democracy like a responsible and mature theological tradition!

ISLAM: No way, man! I don't wanna grow up to be like you. I'm gonna be true to myself and keep executing infidels and sinners as much as I want.

CHRISTIANITY: Oh, please. I was launching crusades and running inquisitions while you were still in diapers. Believe me, it's gets old fast. You need to do the smart thing and accept a humanist approach to...

ISLAM: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I'm going to my room. A jihad on all of you! [runs upstairs to bedroom]

CHRISTIANITY: (sighing) Sweet Jesus. Was I really that obnoxious when I was that age?

JUDAISM: Believe me. You were.

[Meanwhile, at the retirement home...]

ZOROASTRIANISM: (talking to no one) Hello? Is anyone there? Does anyone care what I think?
Context is here.
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