June 20th, 2007

Blindfolded Suits

Oh, Get A Room.

jupitersgrin watches a coworker share a moment with a battery:

Steve: *hands Electronic Signals Intelligence student his camera battery while he tries to put the camera in the back while walking.*
ELINT student: *sniffs battery*
Steve: *looks at ELINT student funnily.*
ELINT student: "Electronics... machines have just a certain smell, you know?"
Steve: "... you're going to do very well in your chosen field."

Context smells a bit like lightning. QWP.
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the horror, the horror

Over in elfs' journal, he brought up the concept of the "milligoatse" as a unit of measurement. This led to:
danlyke: At some point we're going to want Google to implement this in their units converter, so we need to define a few things. Like how many milligoatses in a centitubgirl?

tehrasha: Both terms would be measures of volume, but the difference may only be a matter of symantics. A pessimist would see a given volume as half empty, measured in goatse, while the optimist... [mental horror redacted]
Context is trying to poke out its mind's eye.