June 17th, 2007


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septicidal likes lemon squares:
We're debating seeing the Nancy Drew movie at some point; it looks adorable and even the negative reviews encourage us to see it. All I really care about is the lemon square reference.

I know that no one aside from me and my sister will ever quite love lemon squares with the depth and joy that we share, but I hope that some small part of you can appreciate them. Even if you find yourself scratching your head every time I mention the delicious citrus-inspired dessert with inexplicable glee, I hope that you know a small drop of the love that I do.

Oh, lemon squares. Mmm.

Context is busy perfecting her own vegan lemon square recipe.
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darlingfreak has discovered Klaus Nomi:

It's like Luciano Pavarotti, Tiny Tim, and David Bowie all had crazy group buttsex with the Blue Man Group and they all had a bizarre bastard love child that wandered around the New York underground in the early 80s.

Locked, QWP - link just in case.
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