June 16th, 2007

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researchgrrrl is having food issues with one of her ferrets:

As in, he goes out of his way to find anything that might remotely be a ferret-mom source of food and gnaw his way into it rather shamelessly.


My favorite was when I found him in a bag full of various packages of coffee. You know that scene in George of the Jungle when George gets into the coffee and goes all "javajavajavajavajavajavajava" insane? Yeah. Like that. Only more so. I wound up with FIVE bags of coffee, all punctured with tiny teethmarks, and one very memorable night of wondering if I would have to make a little ferret straightjacket out of a tubesock and some duct tape for Mason. He didn't really eat any of the coffee grounds (thank god) but he certainly got enough of a taste of them to be WIRED LIKE AN UNHOLY DEMONIC WIRED THING.

QWP, Context starts about a third of the way down the entry and is well worth a read.
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Zombie Invasion Continues

thatursula has nowhere to turn

......So we're all hanging out in harleenquinzell's office and one of the IT guys turns up and he's all like, "Braaaaiiinnss" and we're like "No way," and he's all like, "Waaaayyy." and we're all like, "Aiiieeee!!!....."

.....So then it's lunchtime and I'm like, "Braaaaiiinnss," and harleenquinzell's like, "Braaaaiiiinnnnss..." and then the Fedex guy turns up and he's all like, "Braaaaiiinnss".....

....So then I get home and Gary's like, "Booooobs," and I'm like "No, it's Braaaaiiinns," and he's all like, "Boooooobs," and I'm like, "No, seriously, it's braaaaaaiiinns....."

Context has confused its body parts