June 15th, 2007


mariness has a word or three for her kitties:

To the Little One:

1) Although I appreciate your desire to demonstrate your skills for me, and although I realize the importance of constant practice, my desk/office area is not actually a training ground for your upcoming performance in the 64th Annual Cat Leaping Acrobatic and Gymnastics Competition, even assuming that you're going, which you're not.

2) When you take a flying leap onto the desk and into my tea mug, several things happen, however graceful your landing: a) the mug goes flying b) liquid splashes onto the fur of your fellow evildoer, triggering an ongoing and frankly painful to the ears series of wails (yes, yes, in retrospect we should not have introduced a half Siamese creature to this household, but hindsight is 50-50) c) your own fur does not emerge unscathed and d) most critically, liquid splashes into a computer keyboard that is not designed to be covered in tea. This makes me, the keyboard, and Windows XP very very unhappy, and by now we should all be aware of the dangers of making any Microsoft product unhappy. On a related note, I'm fairly sure that landing in actual tea disqualifies you from placing in the above named competition.

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buongiornodaisy's theatre is hosting a film festival:
... Johnathan Demme wore these cute brown sneakers to the Guggenheim Symposium last night, and Grace Guggenheim, who was giving him the Guggenheim award, gave serious thought to which question she should ask Mr. Demme when a volunteer handed her an index card and a pencil, which she had been doing for everyone who walked in to watch the symposium. I think they both win. Also made of win? That same volunteer handing Johnathan Demme an index card and pencil and asking if there's anything he'd like to ask Mr. Demme. A senior manager and I were watching, cracked up, and started asking existential questions Johnathan Demme could ask himself. "Why am I here?" "Who am I?"

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