June 14th, 2007

The Simpsons: Homer pie
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It's funny 'cause she's almost 30.

randominity makes 'plans' to work and clean all day:

I want to get it done before my parents get here (ha! along with scouring and vacuuming the entire apartment, all my homework and laundry, etc! LOLOLOL) so that I can pretty much spend my time immersing myself in fantasy monster killing while they are here. But I am le tired.

Should really do so tonight. I could have a plan and everything! I could clean while my computer is formatting/installing, and thus inaccessible.

....I wonder what it's like to actually have willpower and stuff, like a grownup.


Context lacks willpower.
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just in case he gets paroled...

crevette would love to get a pedicure with Charles Manson:

You know I'd be all over that shit in a nanosecond. "Sure, Chuck. I'll make the appointment in the fancy massage chairs too. But listen, can you not carve a swastika in your forehead this time because that REALLY freaked out the nail tech when you did that last time and she smeared my nail art flowers because she was shaking so hard, you insensitive bastard. And don't do that freakish "Helter Skelter" thing with your voice either. You scared the waxing tech off with that halfway through my Brazilian, so really all I got was a Peruvian. Or maybe a Costa Rican. Or Bolivian. Whatever covers getting just the left lip done."

QWP, Context still looks crazy, even after all these years.
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