June 12th, 2007


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Life Lessons From Our Cats, in the comments to get_medieval:

blackbyrd2: Eat when you're hungry, play like a child no matter how old you are, get plenty of naps, and don't belong to anyone except yourself.
tozetre: also; if you've still got your jibblies, pee on everything.

Everything context knows about alchemy it learned from its cat.
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Tohma - *Twitch*

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thatwordgrrl makes a psychiatric breakthrough:

I get to take over the pub with an editor who is BarkingMoonBatCrazy.

That should so be in the next DSM.


There should be anti-BarkingMoonBatCrazy pills on the market. If so, I would spike the editor's coffee.

"Congratulations! You are getting your articles in on time because the anti-BarkingMoonBatCrazy pills are working!"
that sounds complicated
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social_retard86's legs make things better

Last party of term tonight. I have an ominous feeling about it, so I shaved my legs because there's only one thing worse than drunken girl crying at a house party and that's a drunken girl with gorilla legs crying at a house party. Of course, I might not cry, but I intend to drink a lot so the chances of tears are increased tenfold automatically. Yes.

context is sick of being witty all the time (qwp)