June 10th, 2007

Capitalist SCUM!

Llamas and goldfish and strangers, oh my.

The marvelous oakenguy endures privation, but with a payoff:

Ohhhh, internet, I've missed you so much! Oh baby, don't ever go away like that again! Ohmigod ohmigod, just look at you! Were you always this colorful? Ohmigod, I just wanna open 28 windows at the same time, print them out and lay them flat on the floor and ROLL in them like a dog in goose poo. That's how much I love you!

Anyhow. Woodstock, Vermont. Not what I'm used to. Woodstock has:

Collapse )

I...I think I might want to retire here. Or check the water for drugs. Or both.

Context is suspicious of strangers with candy right here. QWP.