June 8th, 2007

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sionnain's job is amusing...

That's almost more weird than the time I had to write a letter explaining "what happened to God" at the campus and "Why did you lose sight of Him?" ("He transferred" and "It's a women's college" were not appropriate answers, I already thought of those first thing).

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So I went to have my eyes examined today and they dilated my pupils. So they were (and still are) basically the size of saucers, with a tiny thin line of dark brown iris around them. And after my appointment, my mother decided we should go to Home Depot, because it was close to the optometrist's.

Soon after we got there, a woman with a little girl asked me if our cart was our cart (as opposed to free for her to take) and because I was seriously tired and only half-paying attention, I kind of went, "Huh? No. I mean yes. Yeah, man. Sorry. That's our cart." And then she looked at my huge strung-out dilated eyes and hurried her little girl away.

It's like I'm doomed to be mistaken for a stoner for the rest of my life.


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shayzamn makes a find!

While at Half-Price Books the other night, I found a book that touted itself as a Field Guide to Gestures.  It showed common (mostly American and Western world) gestures, facial expressions, et cetera, including descriptions, uses, and HOW TO MAKE THE GESTURES.  Instructions and line drawings done step-by-step.  Things like How to Put an Arm Around Someone's Shoulder.  With step-by-step instructions.  I was amazed.  It struck me as the perfect guilde for psychopaths wanting to pass in 'normal' society - those people who don't HAVE the emotions most people do but want to fake them. 

Context will give you step by step instructions

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Maybe Galactus is born with it...

What Color Is My Parachute forgot about *this* job category...

In my post describing my ideal job, the brilliant spacechild ups the ante:

"If it weren't for the whole "contributing to the genocide of countless species," I'd totally be a Herald of Galactus. I mean, I'm a moderate, but that just doesn't sit well with my liberal tendencies.

Still, think of the benefits...

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...of course, if you have any kind of conscience, the therapy is going to be a bitch."

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ainobethie was baffled by the news of Paris's release


"I can't specifically talk about the medical situation other than to say that yes, it played a part in this," Whitmore said at an early morning news conference outside the jail."

what, is she having her PERIOD?!?!?


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