June 6th, 2007

explore our sexuality

archdiva's interlocutor turns out to be even more of a stone moron than it first appears

"Gay sex is nasty. It's fucking gross and wrong dude."
"You get off on two women having sex?"
"Aw, yeah man! That's fucking hot!"
"That's gay sex."
"No it's not!"
"And here I thought you couldn't possibly be dumber than you look..."
"Fuck you man."
"And now you're coming on to me. Confused much? Seriously, seek therapy before you hurt yourself."
"Wha?! I am not!"
"Sure. You keep telling yourself that. Anyhow, lesbians are homosexuals. Deal with it."
"Lesbians are not fucking homos!"
"Oh, for fuck sakes get a clue. Do the world a favour and read a book sometime."
"Fucking a pair of gorgeous teenage twins...what the fuck is homo 'bout that?"
"You're fantasizing about same-sex incest with underage girls and you have the gall to accuse me of being a pervert?"

Context is privileging lesbian positionality by destabilizing heterocentric metanarratives. Flocked, QWP.
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Taking political correctness to a whole new level.

sushidog: I have heard tell of an American newscaster reportin on violence in South Africa, and referring to the "African-American Africans" who had been hurt or killed.

kermitron: Awesome! But I think we can go one better. For blacks African-Americans that specifically come from Africa and live in America (unlike the Haitians and Jamaicans and whatnot, who live in other countries entirely), we can have American African-American Africans. Also, this abbreviates to "AAAA!" which if my studies of American pop-culture (i.e.: music and movies) serve me correctly, is what people in the US yell when they see black people anyway.

Context is fine with "black," thank you.
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Let's Hear it for the Boys!

yahtzee63 is putting together a Petrelli songlist. deaver suggests "Holding Out for a Hero." yahtzee63 replies:

Peter: Comes to teach the kids how to dance.

Nathan: As a Congressman, refuses to let kids in his district dance.

Claire: Wants to dance.

Peter: Threatens to jump off building if Nathan does not allow kids to dance.

Nathan: Allows kids to dance, turns out to be best dancer.

Everybody cut footloose!

Context is one degree from Kevin Bacon.

In my day, we respected the public library system...

hikari_cyhan has a very refined taste in literature (f-locked, QWP):

Anais: find a good library
Me: Heh.
Me: It doesn't work that way.
Me: To properly love a book, you have to own it.
Me: It has to be yours.
Me: You get a new book, all shiny and unblemished, and there's that creak when you open the cover for the first time, the crinkle of being the first to turn the pages, the new book smell...
Me: And all the abuse it gets, it has to come from you.
Me: They're signs of love.
Me: Library books are like prostitutes.
Anais: *facepalm*
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Just who are we fooling now?

randallsquared reacts to a Slashdot article about DRM:

Yesterday, Safwat Fahmy appeared in front of the House Science and Technology Committee. During Fahmy's testimony, he claimed Safemedia's "P2P Disaggregator" technology uses traffic-shaping systems and network-filtering systems that can destroy contaminated P2P networks. And their Clouseau product will make it impossible to send or receive any illegal P2P transmission on any installed network. However, Clouseau allows tunneling and SSH and never opens packets to determine file legality.

My question is, how many snakes does it take to make a can of that there oil?

Quoted with permission. Context just slipped through a well-oiled backdoor.